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"I remember those from when I was a child" is something we never tire of hearing! It's great to see people recalling such fond memories, but whilst sometimes they were not always bigger then, inflation has ensured they probably are not the same price any more :)

Our sweets in jars at Confection Affection


Tuck Shop favourites at Confection Affection

We have over 220 sweets and fudge in jars to choose from, with family favourites like rhubarb and custard, liquorice torpedoes, Edinburgh rock and bon bons in many flavours. We have specialist liquorice such as salty liquorice fish from Sweden, triple salt liquorice from the Netherlands, raspberry liquorice skulls and chilli liquorice.

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Jelly Belly fans need look no further than Confection Affection. We stock 48 varieties, plus bags, gift boxes and special mixes. Bean Boozled has never been so popular, but let's hope you don't get the canned dog food flavour one!

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Looking for a childhood favourite? Love Hearts, Caramac, Chewits, Dip Dabs, Refresher lollies, sherbet fountains and popping candy are our Tuck Shop favourites - and that's only some of our 200+ varieties to choose from.

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Oh, and we mustn't forget Pez, of course. Whether you're just a Pez muncher or a Pez collector - we have just what you're looking for.

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Jelly Belly at Confection Affection


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We source chocolate treats from the best suppliers from far and wide. Because we're independent, we hand pick the very best to bring to you...

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