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Over 300 varieties of chocolate bars and gifts from around the world


Whether you are looking for a bar, a gift or something different to tempt your taste buds, our wide range of chocolate creations should hold something special for you.

Chocolate Bars at Confection Affection


Loose Chocolates at Confection Affection

We work hard to bring you the finest quality chocolate treats from around the world, as one of the benefits of being independent is that we are not limited to any suppliers and can pick and choose the chocolate varieties we know our customers will adore.

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We stock over 70 hand-finished Belgian chocolates in our chocolate fridge, so you can choose the combination that's just right for that perfect, personalised gift.

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We also prepare our own selections of the most popular chocolates and themes, ideal if you just need to buy and go.

Perhaps chocolate from across the Atlantic is more your affection? If so, we stock Hershey's and Reese's too.

Chocolate Gifts from Confection Affection


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At Confection Affection we're passionate about great customer service, and that means helping you to make the right choices too...

Chocolate heaven

We source chocolate treats from the best suppliers from far and wide. Because we're independent, we hand pick the very best to bring to you...

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Whether you're looking for "old skool" treats, the very latest and sourest treats, american candies or gormet jelly beans, we have a great selection in store...